Is Brooklyn Park Teeming with Pokémon?

While Brooklyn Park may not have more Pokémon than anywhere else, it definitely has its fair share. A stringer for the Brooklyn Park Beat went out hunting Pokémon yesterday morning and ended up going for a three mile walk. In the process he caught 12 Pokémon.

Using the new Pokémon Go app, which is extraordinarily popular, he found several Poké Stops as well as a gym. Some of the stops included the Sugar Shack in Brooklyn Park itself, the library, and the post office.

Furthermore he ran into some other Pokémon fans. As he passed the gym, across from Daddy Paws on Belle Grove Road, a young boy hollered out to him, asking if he was playing Pokémon Go.

Just remember to look up from your screen and check for cars before crossing the street. Happy hunting!