• You'll Want to Kick Yourself if You Miss This Event

    Get Your Art On at Artscape

    Artscape swung into full gear today, beginning three days of amazement. This year’s theme is Space: Explore What’s Out There! There is so much going on that I am afraid if I start describing the program I will still be going when the thing closes. To make it a little easier you can download an app so you can easily access the program while you are there. You can also ride your bike there or take the Charm City Circulator, which should save you a bit of traffic/parking hassle. If you are concerned about accessibility issues, and who isn’t at some point in their lives, you can download the accessibility guide. This year Artscape teamed up with Accessible Festivals to help accommodate all types of special needs. One final thought, Artscape is free, so you don’t even need to scrape up any change to go. http://www.artscape.org/


  • Hot Enough to Fry Your Brain on the Sidewalk?

    Heat Advisory in Effect

    Never mind frying eggs on the sidewalk, today, July 14, 2016, will be hot enough to cause major health issues. Baltimore City released a code red heat advisory warning that the temperature will feel like 105 degrees.


  • Pokemon Invade Brooklyn Park!

    Is Brooklyn Park Teeming with Pokémon?

    While Brooklyn Park may not have more Pokémon than anywhere else, it definitely has its fair share. A stringer for the Brooklyn Park Beat went out hunting Pokémon yesterday morning and ended up going for a three mile walk. In the process he caught 12 Pokémon.


  • The Brooklyn Park Beat Begins!

    Great things portend

    You betcha.


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